Our Proposals

Vibrant Retail and Community Spaces

The landscape masterplan aims to provide a hierarchy of spaces offering different opportunities and environments for users. These spaces create a balanced approach between amenities and biodiversity, delivering a place for users and nature. Therefore, a wide array of diverse spaces is provided, each one responding to building uses and local needs.

The Arrival Square is the main focal point upon entering the site, serving as an active urban hub and a transition space from the street to the park. In contrast, the Community Place caters more to the local community, providing a vibrant and enclosed space with a neighbourhood feel, play elements, and soft edges.

The main vegetated area is the expansive Morden Park, with its stunning setting fronting the river and many recreational, relaxing, and play green areas for residents and visitors. This is the green heart of the development, featuring integrated play areas, natural play elements, naturalistic furniture, and a hierarchy of spaces with open, flexible areas and sheltered spaces to relax.

Wilkie Green is the residential response to the park, hosting sculptural play elements and soft, lush edges for a safe and attractive environment where children can play and local families can relax.

Vibrant Retail and Community Spaces

We believe that our updated plans include the scope for community, commercial and amenity spaces of the highest quality.

Following the pandemic, the need to feel part of a community has never been so important and our plans for Morden Wharf will create that feeling of ‘place’ through a range of character landscape areas, as well as commercial and community use spaces.

Managed effectively, high quality commercial spaces can bring a real feeling of ‘place’ to new developments, and we would welcome your feedback on what you think is needed, and in which spaces.