Our Proposals

Reviewing the Hybrid Consent at Morden Wharf

Over the past six months, Galliard Homes and City Developments Ltd., in collaboration with Jo Cowen Architects and the planning consultancy Quod, has meticulously reviewed every aspect of the outline planning consent. This process, guided by early discussions with planning and design officers at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, has allowed the team to determine which elements should be retained. Additionally, they have identified what aspects should be altered from the original outline permission and how these changes should be implemented.

Importantly, they have also pinpointed what they think should change from outline permission, and how it should change.


Retaining green and public spaces 

The publicly accessible green and public spaces set out in the initial Morden Wharf masterplan helps to create a cohesive community that people can enjoy, meet and relax. Morden Park is therefore being

We also feel that Morden Park Square is an important focal point for events and festivals, helping to bring people from across the local area to Morden Wharf and ensure it becomes its own local destination.

Helping the scheme to ‘breathe’ 

One of our main proposed changes is to the separation distances between buildings.

In the outline consent some of the separation distances were as small as 6.5 metres which we believe risks residents being overlooked and their privacy put at risk. These small spaces could also hinder people moving through and across the site as it would not be obvious which spaces were public, and which were private.

By creating larger distances between buildings, daylight and sunlight will be improved both for new homes and the public landscape spaces at the ground floor, creating a more attractive and welcoming environment for residents and public alike.

Responding to new building regulations 

It is also important to say that since the original planning decision in 2022 regulations on building and fire safety have changed significantly, and Galliard Homes and City Developments Ltd.’s plans must respond to them. These detailed plans now include second staircases and lifts in all tall buildings – meeting the latest building regulations.

Our vision for a new and vibrant Morden Wharf has eight main elements:

A generous new Morden Park. It will be more than 1,000sqft larger than in the outline planning consent and will be a fitting transition between the river and the Thames Path and the new commercial, retail, community and residential spaces here.

High quality public realm. By introducing more space between buildings, the public spaces at Morden Wharf will be around 10% larger and better connected – helping people move through and across the site more easily.

Truly private spaces. Alongside public spaces will come private areas for people living here to relax and enjoy.

Community use. We know that Morden Wharf needs to be a cohesive new community, not a collection of buildings. With dedicated community spaces curated by your feedback, we can make it a thriving new neighbourhood.

On-site community health centre. The outline consent included space for a new community health centre, and we have approached the local NHS about Morden Wharf offering new and existing local residents the opportunity to access new medical facilities.

On-site nursery. We also have plans for an early-years nursery. Whilst the number of children at local primary and secondary schools are changing, there will always be demand for high quality childcare that is accessible and affordable.

Sustainable development. Morden Wharf will be sustainable in the widest possible sense. A smaller basement will reduce the carbon emissions of construction and with a focus on energy efficiency and using air source heat pumps, these will be some of the most sustainable homes in London.

Active travel links. The regeneration of Morden Wharf offers the opportunity to deliver a step change in the transport accessibility. From a better, wider Thames Path to a potential new bus route to North Greenwich and the potential for a new Thames Clipper pier on its doorstep, we can encourage people to pick active travel options over the private car.