Our Proposals

Minor amendments to the Outline consent

Our proposed design changes have resulted in better defined open space and better public realm.

By revisiting the layout of Morden Gardens, we have created the Community Place, a square for the local community at the heart of Morden Wharf.

We have relocated and rotated the Riverside Buildings, aiming to minimise the long elevation on the riverfront while maintaining a well defined Morden Park Square. Wilkie Green play space has been relocated to the south in a safer neighborhood zone.

The Parkside towers’ shape and location have been revised to improve daylight and sunlight to the apartments and public spaces. Replacing the hard edges of the original buildings by the polygonal ones helps mitigate wind concerns. The relocation of the buildings allow more homes to have direct views to the River Thames.

Ultimately, the revised site layout offers well defined public spaces, and high quality residential accommodation.