Our Proposals

A Good Neighbour

We know that a new Morden Wharf must fit in with nearby developments, and also be able to accommodate any new planning permission that is granted for Enderby Place which is being determined by the Council soon.

Our revised plans allow not just for greater separation distances between buildings within Morden Wharf, but also those planned at Enderby Place. While the sites are being brought forward by different developers, we are keen that in future years they are seen as knitting seamlessly together, not starkly separate. Pedestrian routes are designed to promote the connectivity between Morden Wharf and Enderby Place public realm.

We are also looking into revising the Design Code to propose buildings that are responsive to the neighboring sites and environmental conditions of Morden Wharf.

Our revised design concept aims to express the residential character of Morden Wharf in a clearer way through the choice of building materials, facade design and well defined landscape spaces.

We believe that by being a good neighbour we can deliver a sustainable, attractive development here that fits in with existing residential schemes nearby, and those proposed at Enderby to the south.